The Global Presence


 Global Presence Humanitarian Logo

I pledge to be the change I wish to see in the world.

I pledge to honor and respect my role as a member of the parental generation.

I pledge to think globally and serve locally.

I pledge to support a more proactive educational process for Life Skills.

I pledge patience and optimism with myself and others as we learn the skills necessary to thrive individually and commune optimally.

I pledge humility in my role as a member of The Global Presence.

I pledge gratitude for the opportunity to link arms with others in service to humanity.

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The Global Presence

The Global Presence is the community service arm of Parenting 2.0. Apolitical and areligous, the three pronged goals of The Global Presence include:

  • Illuminating the role of Life Skills in individuals and the communities they construct thriving.
  • Unifying and supporting Life Skills Educators.
  • Promoting a more proactive Life Skills educational process for all persons.

The Global Presence was formally incorporated as an educational non-profit in the United States in Sept 2013, and awarded charitable 501(c)3 status in Sept 2014. We recognize the work of Life Skills educators and activists around the globe with the designation  Global Presence Ambassador and honor individuals and corporations making magnanimous contributions in the Life Skills arena annually with The Global Presence Humanitarian Award.  

The anchoring event for The Global Presence public advocacy is Thrive Thursday – held annually the first Thursday in October.

If you are a Life Skills educator,  and appreciate the importance of collaboration for effecting substantive social change, please connect via our Contact Page. Simply passionate about the benefits of proactive Life Skills education?  Support us by taking The Global Presence Pledge and featuring the Global Presence Humanitarian Logo below proudly on your websites and electronic profiles. Thank you for being the change the world awaits!


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