Dr. Yvonne Sum

Dr Yvonne Sum CSP transforms leaders of tomorrow today. Having been a dentist, RAAF officer, executive coach, leadership facilitator & speaker, author, business partner, wife and mother of two, Yvonne has first-hand experience transcending changes across various contexts.

Yvonne consistently provokes senior business leaders to ‘lose their minds and come to their senses’ by integrating their leadership lessons at home successfully back into the work tribe in Australia, USA and Asia-Pacific. She has presented alongside Edward deBono, Howard Gardner, Tony Buzan, David Perkins, Glenn Capelli and Colin James.

Start Kidding Yourself – Learning Leadership from your Home Tribe is her first solo book due out in July 2012 by Random House. Her other resources include The 7Rs of Parenting eCourse, Intentional Parenting eBook, Intentional Parenting Coaching Program and  contributor to edited book Inspired Children- How Leading Minds Raise their Kids.

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