Rhonda Sciortino – Modern Families Lead

Rhonda SciortinoBorn and raised in Southern California, Rhonda Sciortino’s experience of the beautiful southern California foothills was not that of the average middle class resident in the 60’s and 70’s. Rhonda was raised in a filthy, rodent infested, one-room shack that had no heating, questionable plumbing, and a cesspool that regularly overflowed down the dirt driveway.

The neighborhood was rough, but what happened inside the house was much more terrifying than the neighboring drug dealers, “Hell’s Angel’s,” or the people who bragged about their drive-by shootings. After a lifetime of searching for answers to the big questions of life, Rhonda found some answers, and peace to accept the unanswered. Through her books and speaking, Rhonda hopes to encourage everyone to find and fulfill the specific Assignment for their lives. There are clues, and it’s incumbent upon us to find and evaluate them and then determine to fulfill our unique Assignment to the best of our ability.

Where we came from, what we’ve gone through, and what we’ve done are exactly the things that qualify us to do our Assignments. It doesn’t matter how old we are, how incapable we may feel, or how many mistakes we’ve made. As long as we’re still breathing, we’re still in the game! You can succeed because of what you’ve been through!

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