Tara Kennedy-Kline – EQ to IQ Lead

Tara Kennedy-KlineTara Kennedy-Kline is the self proclaimed “Multi-Level Mom™”. This blissfully chaotic wife and mother of 2 boys believes in “Embracing life on the level you’re at.” Among many of her “levels” Tara includes:

Author of: Stop Raising Einstein: Discover the Unique Brilliance in Your Child…and You!Co-Author of: Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Blogger @ Mom Reality Bytes™, President/CEO of TK’s Toy Box, Founder and Mayor of RebuildtheVillage.com, Certified Dream Coach®, Speaker, Workshop Presenter, and Taxi Driver, Chef and Domestic Manager for The Kline household.

Tara signs her email as she lives her life: “Love unconditionally, Give freely, Laugh openly, Learn daily, Grow immensely”.

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