Arnie Benn

Arnie BennArnie Benn is a life-long educator, learner and entrepreneur. Formerly a middle school and high school teacher of math, chemistry and music, Arnie is co-founder and CEO of, a virtual online family banking system that teaches kids real-world financial skills, with their own money, under close parental supervision.

Built on the premise that the most effective education is experiential, AllowanceTree is designed to mirror the real world of finance, inculcating healthy saving and spending habits, as well as teaching kids about investing, diversifying, credit, and avoiding debt.

The difficult economic times we are experiencing clearly underscore the need for financial literacy, though schools still do not teach this most essential life-skill. We must ensure that our kids leave home with the knowledge to make wise financial choices and avoid the pitfalls that trap so many into the dreaded debt-cycle. And how better than in a fun, interactive, parent-supervised platform where kids enjoy substantial financial autonomy, and can even grow their allowance!

Arnie grew up in South Africa and moved to California following college. In addition to teaching, he is a writer, composer, has produced Television programming, and has also worked with several successful technology startups in the online digital media space in Los Angeles.
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