P20 Talks 2012 Thought Leaders

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Rhonda Sciortino [entry-title]

Born and raised in Southern California, Rhonda Sciortino’s experience of the beautiful southern California foothills was not that of the average middle class resident in the 60’s and 70’s. Rhonda was raised in a filthy, rodent infested, one-room shack that…

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Diana Sterling [entry-title]

Diana Sterling, Certified Professional Coach, speaker, author and trainer is a 35-year veteran business owner and innovator. Her life-long commitment to self-employment and to helping others find meaning and success has resulted in the creation of many products, programs and…

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Dr. Pilar Placone [entry-title]

Pilar M. Placone, Ph.D. is a licensed marriage and family therapist whose twenty years of practice is dedicated to bringing clients a renewed sense of hope and fulfillment. In her work, she assists parents and their children develop mature, optimal…

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Dr. Jeannine Zoppi [entry-title]

Jeannine Zoppi is a Clinical Psychologist licensed in New York and New Jersey. Dr. Zoppi received her doctorate from Seton Hall University and completed post-doctoral internship and fellowship training at the Karen Horney Institute in New York City. Dr. Zoppi…

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Jeff Everage [entry-title]

Navy SEAL training, entrepreneurial ventures, and corporate business leadership did not fully prepare Jeff Everage for his life’s biggest challenge – fatherhood. In 2008 as his young sons began fighting constantly, he dedicated as much time to his parenting education…

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