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  • Can’t tech this!

    Digital Safety Life Skill Thought Leaders

    Knowledge is power and never more so than with social media. P20 Digital Safety Thought Leaders share means for protecting children and their social security numbers from identity theft while connecting with them through technology their way.  

  • Can I buy that?

    Finance Life Skill Thought Leaders

    Managing money for the benefit of self and others is an essential Life Skill. Sadly, even fortunate children’s education can often be summed up in one word “allowance.” Societal problems have their roots in inferior educational processes. P20 Financial Literacy Thought Leaders provide creative ideas for enhancing financial curriculums and guiding all children on paths toward mastery and brilliance.

  • EQ elevated to IQ

    EQ Life Skill Thought Leaders

    Adults in developed countries idolize IQ while simultaneously valuing EQ lower than genetic inheritance. Whereas adults regularly spend hundreds of dollars dying their hair – or even thousands on plastic surgery – when it comes to EQ children are accepted for simply learning what they live and punished when they “misbehave.” The consequences of this disparity of values dominates media headlines daily. P20 Thought Leaders aspire to balance the scales with their personal shares of transformation.

  • Communication 101 Kids Zero to Ten

    Communication Life Skills Thought Leaders

    Even before babies are born they are learning to communicate and connect with others. The quality of their interpersonal communication skills influences relationships with relatives, friends, colleagues – themselves – cradle to coffin. How many people ever receive formal education? Interpersonal communication skills can be proactively taught to children, teens, and adults. P20 Early Childhood Thought Leaders share their insights for empowering parents as they teach young children Communication 101 and expand beyond the realm of verbal edicts.

  • Where are my?

    Organizational Life Skills Thought Leaders

    Strong organizational skills positively impact every aspect of children’s lives: school, sports, general schedule, relationships with others and self-esteem. An effective educational curriculum replaces discipline with inspiration. P2O Organizational Thought Leaders stimulate discussion by sharing their ideas for enhancing this vital educational process.

  • Modern Families

    Communication Life Skills Thought Leaders

    Today’s families are spectacularly diverse. This provides unique opportunities for parents, children and the societies they form to grow in sensitivity, wisdom and compassion. P20 Modern Family Thought Leaders illuminate these by speaking in-depth to both traditional and non-traditional branches of modern family trees.  Their primary goal is expanding the variety of tools Life Skills Educators access to nurture the construction of relationships where every child “thrives”.

  • No More Bullies

    Social Life Skills Thought Leaders

    When a child has difficulty with math we say the math is difficult. When children have difficulty communicating with other children we call the children difficult – or some other name. P20 advocates abandoning all name calling and embracing appreciation for all children as “learning” conflict resolution skills. P20 Thought Leaders inspire with their personal stories of transformation.

  • Teens: Endangered to Empowered

    Personal Care Life Skills Thought Leaders

    Today’s teens face unprecedented pressures and novel learning curves. The result is both teens and parents feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. P20 Teen Educators provide a redirect by sharing practical, positive ways to empower all teens and parents.

  • New Horizons New Narrative

    Social Life Skills Thought Leaders

    In the past twenty years knowledge about the human brain has doubled – things recently considered fact are now known to be fictional. P20 New Horizon Thought Leaders speak to new frontiers in human development while simultaneously stressing the need for greater humility, gratitude, and optimism among educators.

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