The Paradigm Shift of Parenting 2.0

Parenting 2.0 (P20) is an international consciousness movement nurturing positive change in every avenue of human interaction by advocating a more proactive Life Skills educational process. P20 expands dramatically upon prior child-rearing paradigms by:

  1. Recognizing Life Skills as distinct, critical skill sets, learned in some measure by every human being.
  2. Retiring acceptance of children simply “learning what they live” and promoting a more proactive and dynamic Life Skills’ educational process.  As academics prove daily, children learn what societies deem worthy of teaching them and what they elect to learn themselves throughout their lives.
  3. Affirming that Life Skills education – like academics – benefits from multiple educators passionate about their subject areas and a plethora of age-appropriate resources.
  4. Replacing behavioral lenses with educational lenses. 
  5. Respecting the role of Life Skills in people thriving and communing optimally with others.
  6. Illuminating the relationship between a primarily passive Life Skills educational process and societal ills.
  7. Linking professionals from multiple fields and disciplines under the title Life Skills Educators and providing them a unified platform from which to influence and shape social dialogue.
  8. Underscoring the necessity of greater humility as knowledge of the human body expands daily and replacing the title “Expert” with “Thought Leader” as relates to general parenting.
  9. Promoting the concept of Life Skills Report Cards and the value of children’s Life Skills Averages (LSA) one day being as appreciated as their Grade Point Averages. (GPA)
  10. Creating an international volunteer organization, The Global Presence, to better support those serving on the front lines raising humanity.