The Paradigm Shift of Parenting 2.0

Parenting 2.0 (P20) is an international consciousness movement dedicated to a more egalitarian, proactive and compassionate Life Skills educational process for all persons – at every age. Foundations of our advocacy include:

  1. Defining Life Skills as “Skills learned in some measure by every human being.”
  2. Illuminating the relationship between a primarily passive Life Skills educational process and chronic societal problems.
  3. Retiring acceptance of children simply “learning what they live.” As academics prove daily, children learn what societies deem worthy of proactively teaching them.
  4. Affirming that Life Skills education – like academics – benefits from multiple educators passionate about their subject areas and a plethora of age-appropriate resources.
  5. Replacing behavioral lenses with educational lenses.
  6. Respecting the core role of Life Skills in individuals, and the communities they construct, thriving.
  7. Providing Life Skills professionals a unified platform from which to expand social consciousness.
  8. Underscoring the necessity of greater humility as knowledge of the human body expands daily.
  9. Promoting the concept of Life Skills Report Cards.
  10. Recognising Life Skills professionals around the globe with the honorary title of Global Presence Ambassador.