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 2016 Series

Dedicated to teachers!

Enhancing Emotional Literacy

    Twenty 30 min audio podcasts with Emotional Literacy Pioneers

 Live May 14th, 2016

Dr. Jane Bluestein Author “The Win-Win Classroom”


Dr. Robert Brooks, Author The Power of Resilience”


Dr. Ann Corwin,  Co-Founder “Pocket Full Of Feelings”


Marty Dutcher, Author Beyond Good Parenting”


Live June 4th, 2016

Paula Prentis & Chris Parrott, Authors “Reach Before You Teach”


Tara Brown, Author “Different Cultures Common Ground


Gary Direnfeld , Social Worker Borrowing Calm”


Dr. Lynne Kenney,  Author Bloom” 


Live June 25th

Dr. Shimi K. Kang, Author  The Self-Motivated Kid


Dr. Hendrie (Hank) Weisinger, Author “Performing Under Pressure” 


Dr. Vaughn Lauer, Author When the School Says No. How to Get to the Yes!


Dr. Joanne Foster, Author Not Now, Maybe Later”


Live July 16th

Dr. Rick Hanson,  AuthorHardwiring Happiness  


Dr. Donna Volpitta, Creator Pathway to Empower Program


Scarlett Lewis, Founder Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement


Bob Roth, Executive Director, The David Lynch Foundation


Live August 6th, 2016

Dr. Joanne Orlando Educator, Navigating the Digital Age


Dr. James Webb, Author A Parents Guide to Gifted Children 


Dr. Jane Bluestein, Author “The Perfection Deception”


Starla Lewis, Diversity Expert, Seven Time Teacher of the Year Mesa Community College





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  1. sreela banerjee
    sreela banerjee · May 19, 2016 at 07:32:02 · →

    Just listened to Dr Jane Bluestein. Great interview Marlaine. Thank you for bringing this to the notice of teachers everywhere.

    She is fresh, and genuine – every word is sincere.

    It is not just for teachers. Every one of us has moments when they encounter an opportunity to be positive for their child. . . . a big hug for my (taller than me now) boy who went off to sit an exam at 9.30 this morning. It doesn’t stop even when they are teenagers

  2. sreela banerjee
    sreela banerjee · June 13, 2016 at 00:22:29 · →

    Just listened to Prentis and Parrott – what a duo ! Every word was true, and I love their way of introducing mindfulness into the conversation – ‘mindfulness should be in the water that they drink in every classroom’. I wish I’d thought of that.

    Naming the emotion is so important, and they quite rightly focus on that – but they don’t shy away from the topic of a dynamic and on-the-ground resolution of where the teacher’s influence and input ends and the home’s responsibility begins. . . they were so right of course, the approach should be collaborative. If just five teachers listen, Marlaine, and do five things that these women said, then the lives of five children will improve – and that starts making a dent in the work of ‘raising humanity’ because just think how many people those five children will encounter ! You do good work, girl.

  3. Denny Coates
    Denny Coates · July 20, 2016 at 15:31:43 · →

    I loved the interview with Dr. Lynne Kenney. She’s so on-target and doing such important work.

    The Global Presence Public Service Interviews is an outstanding podcast series! A great way to shine a bright light on emotional literacy. I especially like the way Marlaine handles the interviews – knowledgeable, engaged with the discussion while staying focused on the guest and moving the conversation forward.

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