2012 Global Presence Humanitarian Award

Bobbi DePorter

Bobbi DePorter 2012 Global Presence Humanitarian

Bobbi DePorter’s¬†goals of providing proactive Life Skills education first manifested in the creation of a week-long summer program for teens called SuperCamp, held in July of 1982 at Kirkwood Meadows near Lake Tahoe, California. Today, SuperCamp has more than 65,000 graduates and programs in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America, and is an established leader in the field of youth development.

Bobbi DePorterIn her book, Quantum Success: Eight Key Catalysts to Shift Your Energy Into Dynamic Focus, DePorter shares how relationships and respect for unique differences are central to the SuperCamp curriculum. Relationships are among the keys to your success. Everything else can be taken away from you, sometimes by sheer misfortune. But the two things that endure for as long as you are alive, no matter what your fortune or circumstances, are your identity and your connection to the people who matter to you.”

Development of interpersonal communication skills, which receive little more than crisis management in the vast majority of primary schools, is a major focus. One of SuperCamp’s key communication tools is Love Notes. “Everyone likes to be reminded that they are appreciated. At SuperCamp written communication that shows you’re appreciated is a love note. There’s a board for love notes at camp for students and staff to express their appreciation or to acknowledge eachother for something. Kids also write letters to their parents. They not only write about how much they love and appreciate them, but also apologize and list things they wished their parents knew about them.”

The success of SuperCamp led Bobbi to create Quantum Learning school programs for educators and students. Quantum Learning is a transformational solution producing significant positive change in thousands of schools and districts across the nation.