The Global Presence Founding Members

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed that’s all that ever has. Margaret Mead.

Every humanitarian organization, regardless how large, began with a handful of visionaries who were willing to think outside the box and invest time, faith, and resources in a new course of action to serve the greater good. The following individuals focused passionately on the proactive development of children’s life skills in their professional lives and collaborated to seed the formation of The Global Presence. We recognize their contributions here, with gratitude and for eternity, as Founding Members of The Global Presence.

Adam DolginAnat Baniel • Anthony DelmedicoArnie BennBarbara Thomas •Bill Dwight Bobbi DePorterCatherine Mattice • Croft Castrell Deborah KingDeborah McNelisDevin C. HughesDiana SterlingDione BeckerDr. Deborah GilboaDr. Donna VolpittaDr. Jeannine ZoppiDr. Lynne KenneyDr. Pilar PlaconeDr. Raelynn MaloneyDr. Roger FrameDr. Rosina McAlpine Dr. Samantha MadhosinghDr. Shirin SherkatDr. Yvonne SumEtay GafniEtel LeitGayle RodgersGloria Antonelli • Janet Bray AttwoodJean HarrisJeff EverageJill Starishevsky • Karen ShawKristie Bjorklund Davidson Larry Wilcox Lynne L. FinchMark RomeroMarlaine CoverMary O’DonohueMelissa PazenMitzi WeinmanNeville Billimoria Paul RosengardRay EricksonRenee WalkerRhonda SciortinoRick AckerlyRob BroylesRobin Sax Roya KravetzSherlyn Pang LuedtkeSheryl StollerSusie WaltonTami WalshTara Kennedy-KlineTom ScalesTshaka Armstrong • Wendy Joy Hart • Ezechiel Bambola