The Global Presence Ambassadors

” If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  African Proverb 

The Global Presence is an apolitical, areligious humanitarian educational organization that functions as the public service arm of Parenting 2.0. First unveiled at P20 Talks 2012, and registered as a 501 (c)3 charitable educational organization in the US in 2014, the Global Presence has three primary paths of service:

  1. Illuminating the role of Life Skills in individuals and the communities they construct thriving. 
  2. Unifying and supporting Life Skills educators around the globe.
  3. Promoting a more proactive and compassionate Life Skills educational process for all persons.

Global Presence Ambassador” is an honorary designation awarded passionate Life Skills pioneers around the world. Ambassadors come from a broad array of backgrounds and professions, reflecting the diversity of Life Skills employed in the twenty-first century and a glimpse of future vibrancy.  

The Global Presence Board of Directors
President, Marlaine Cover, MPA
Vice President, Samantha Madhosingh, Psy. D.
Secretary, Tiffanie Noonan, MD
Treasurer, Julia Neiman, MSW
Community Relations, Deborah McNelis


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  2. O.C. Farach
    O.C. Farach at · Reply

    I love “Parenting 2.0” because it raises welfare and well-being in children, parents and their communities.

  3. Rodney C. Davis
    Rodney C. Davis at · Reply

    OMG the possibilities for great synergy here is astounding. I see a future of open-source product and service development, crowd-sourcing for publications, etc.. This group has the potential to give “no child left behind” new meaning!

  4. Mama Marlaine
    Mama Marlaine at · Reply

    Thank you OC and Rodney!!! Passions shared around the planet for a new paradigm for human development most assuredly promise an abundance of blessings for all persons. Enormously grateful for the contributions of you, our Ambassadors, and everyone nurturing a new narrative for childrearing via Parenting 2.0 daily. Hugs!!

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  8. Celine Clemnce Sika
    Celine Clemnce Sika at · Reply

    Dear all,

    I am so proud to belong to this wonderful family! I thank you, ambassadors, for this wonderful and above al useful job you are doing worldwide to give our children the right GPS they badly need to successfully navigate their lives in this challenging world. I thank you for empowering parents and educators to successfully address the parenting challenges of this century. Together we stand and win. Together we can do a lot. Together we do a lot.

  9. Bonnie and Tom Liotta
    Bonnie and Tom Liotta at · Reply

    We are honored and privileged to have been invited into this amazing family of pro-active humanitarians and feel blessed to be working alongside such powerful visionaries, innovators and servants. Thank you Marlaine for your leadership. Words cannot express our gratitude and enthusiasm.


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  13. Lisa Engle
    Lisa Engle at · Reply

    I am thrilled to support your work and grateful to know the ripples that are expanding through it! You’re tapped into something very powerful that is changing our world. We share a vision and when that happens, great change is expected…THANK YOU for your work, your passion and your leadership!

    “You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” Dr. BJ Palmer

  14. Asawari
    Asawari at · Reply

    Thank You! I am honored and priviledged to be a part of the group here! The journey so far has been extremely enlightening and a pleasure to see how much each one of you feels for children. Hoping to keep learning from you all!

  15. Faisal Khattak
    Faisal Khattak at · Reply

    Thank you Mama for including me in this awesome community. I look forward to helping my peers the best I can.

  16. Julie Ford
    Julie Ford at · Reply

    Humbled to be a part of such a rich and diverse group of professionals working together to raise up a better society! My passions lie in helping parents create values-based habits to bring more joy and less chaos to each moment they parent.

    Happy to help.

    Many thanks!

  17. John Cederstrom
    John Cederstrom at · Reply

    The future of our world lies with the thoughtful guidance of our youth today! Criminal Justice studies have shown the importance of positive role models and activities to engage our youth and keep them on a better path. This is a good place to start and with a prayer for God’s blessings! Be well all!

  18. Annet kamya
    Annet kamya at · Reply

    Thank you so much for your big heart towards these innocent children who have been rejected, left out and abused and traumatised in their lives.I am grateful that God has raised you to encourage us who have got the passion to minister healing and teach parents on what they must do and and also know what they should not do which is harmful to HUMANITARIAN’s lives. please, am ready to stand in and join men and women who are in the service.
    Thank you so mom Marlaine

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  20. Starla Lewis
    Starla Lewis at · Reply

    We are all born on the planet earth in different locations and we call ourselves citizens of the place of our birth. Yet we often forget that the planet earth is the sum of all the different places of our birth and that we are citizens of the world. I am a Global Citizen.

    Global Citizen, can you see yourself in me? Together we can change the World!

  21. Denise Archie
    Denise Archie at · Reply

    Hello and we thank you for the opportunity of joining this amazing group. We are excited to be connecting to this space that contributes to the wellbeing and happiness of families that influences everyone’s headspace on a daily. hugs to all as we begin this global adventure! Well done Marlaine and each ambassador.

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  23. Deborah Viapiana-Ricci
    Deborah Viapiana-Ricci at · Reply

    The window for explosive change is WIDE OPEN….Let’s all take the leap into the fresh clean air of transformation…

  24. Dr.vk sharma
    Dr.vk sharma at · Reply

    Very exhilarating efforts

  25. David Edwin Kwarteng
    David Edwin Kwarteng at · Reply

    I am so glad to know about Global Presence and the great work been done to help children become better people in future.thank you Merlaine Cover

  26. Lucy K. Stanslaus
    Lucy K. Stanslaus at · Reply

    I am very pleased to get to know this amazing Global Family, That has sacrificed to help children all over the world.

  27. Laide Ogunbekun
    Laide Ogunbekun at · Reply

    I am really pleased to know about this family. I appreciate anyone that care about children and family. That is why I love to be part of this family.

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