The Global Presence Communities

The Global Presence is the community service arm of Parenting 2.0. Formally registered as an educational non-profit and 501(c)3 organization in the United States, The Global Presence shares Parenting 2.0’s advocacy for a more dynamic educational process for Life Skills in regions around the globe.

Life Skills, as defined by Parenting 2.0 are:

“Skills every human being learns in some measure”

Life Skills include but are not limited to personal care, safety, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and resource management/finance.

Life Skills educators began aggregating in the Parenting 2.0 group on LinkedIn in 2009. Today, Parenting 2.0 is LinkedIn’s top ranked parenting group,  unifying over 8,000 Life Skills educators in more than 100 countries, and host of the world’s only professional conference for Life Skills educators – P20 Talks.

Global Presence Ambassador is an honorary designation that recognizes the contributions of pioneers in the life skills arena working around the globe.

Global Presence Communities declare their shared commitment to supporting a more proactive Life Skills educational process for the welfare of their citizenry and the world at large.

The anchoring event for The Global Presence advocacy is Thrive Thursday, held annually on the first Thursday in October.