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Antoinette Moriarty, M.Sc., UKCP Reg.

antoinette 150Antoinette Moriarty trained as an Integrative Psychotherapist at the Metanoia Institute, London and currently has a private psychotherapy practice in Dublin, Ireland. She also manages the Counselling Service at the Law Society of Ireland. Blending elements of her background in education and professional development with psychotherapy, she has created a course titled ‘Shrink Me – Psychology of a Lawyer’. This innovative module supports the psychological, emotional and relational development of solicitors. Moriarty also coordinates a Learning and Teaching programme for the Law Society’s Associate Faculty, in which she draws upon the field of Emotional Intelligence and explores the psychological interplay between the various professional roles we adopt and our core personal identity.

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Reeta Passi

reeta passi 150Reeta Passi is a Parenting Coach with Nouvel Era and a member of Education Professionals Forum in  Gurgaon, India. The forum consists of internationally acclaimed education professionals who collaborate to create new approaches to education with a particular goal of making teaching and parenting as enthusiastic, stress free and pleasurable as possible.

A primary school teacher for thirty years – twenty at a British school in Kuwait – Passi sees parents, teachers and students as three angles of a triangle and commitment to ‘Empowering the Triangle’ as central to students’ success.  “Parents are the ones who teach initial life skills to children and everything else centers around those competencies.” This awareness inspired her to shift her focus from teaching to better supporting parents.  In addition to her work with Nouvel Era, Passi is an active member of ‘Global India Connections’ and ‘Internations’- Ex Pat members organisations in India and abroad and volunteers time also teaching English to children at under privileged schools.

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Vaughn Lauer, Ph.D

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Vaughn Lauer is an Author and Special Needs Advocate.  He has extensive knowledge of US federal education laws related to disabilities and more than thirty years experience applying these at the state, district and school levels. Front line positions in elementary and secondary institutions – including teacher, state department of education supervisor, district director of student services and others – informed Lauer of the dire need to better support parents’ in their collaborations with school personnel and inspired him to write “When the School Says No…How to Get the Yes!

Lauer also has a broad range of experience collaborating with local, state and national agencies and and has led multiple statewide initiatives including the California State Alternate Assessment. He holds workshops and professional development trainings across the United States and is regularly featured in magazines and on line forums.

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Naomi Richards


Naomi Richards 150 pNaomi Richards, also known as “The Kids Coach,” is a popular UK based life coach. Specializing in the arena of emotional and social skills, she provides a space for children to talk confidentially about everyday challenges and empowers them to resolve their problems in an interactive, creative and supportive way. Richards works face to face – and also does Skype coaching internationally – on skills including: self-esteem, co-operation, confidence building, stress management, challenging negative thoughts and beliefs, friendships, anxiety, anger, school problems, family difficulties, parent separation and sibling rivalry.

Her expanded curriculum includes weekend workshops for kids, self-esteem conferences for girls, and coaching for fellow Life Skills Educators. She is a motivational speaker and writes for many parenting, teenage and women’s magazines. Author of ’The Parent’s Toolkit’ published by Random House 2012, Richards has been recognized as a Remarkable Woman – a female entrepreneur who is leading the way in a chosen career path – an initiative backed by Nokia. 

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Deborah McNelis, MS.ed, Panel Lead


Deb McNelis 150 pxlDeborah McNelis is an early brain development specialist, award-winning author of “The Brain Development Series” and founder of Brain Insights.  Passionate empowering parents with critical information and sensitive to their demanding schedules, she co-created a pocket / purse sized brain activity packet called “Naturally Developing Young Brains” and the “Love Your Baby” App. McNelis’ pioneering work is profiled regularly in a wide range of media platforms including radio shows, books and periodicals.

Committed to supporting collaborations among human development professionals in addition to working with parents, she is the author of the “Creating Great Connections” newsletter and founder of the Worldwide Brain Team. Her resume of presentations for professional conferences includes: The National Association for Early Childhood Education, The National Family Literacy Conference, The International Nanny Conference and keynotes for The Poverty Conference at the Medical College of WI. and the Helen Bader Foundation. She also conducts corporate workshops with clients ranging from Kohl’s to Kimberly Clark.

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Bill Neely

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Bill Neely is the Founder of the Individual Identity Initiative, a method of inquiry that promotes discovering, promoting and maintaining one’s individual “innocent” essence. Twenty four years experience as a pastoral minister in Washington, DC confirmed for Neely the value of affirming, illuminating, and nurturing the infinite potential of every individual – independent life challenges or circumstances – and inspired him to formalize his unique methodology in the form of  The Individual Identity Initiative.

Neely’s passion for working with families first emerged after he attended a Family Life Workshop while in seminary and discovered  that – despite being married and a father of three – he actually knew very little about family life.  Since then he has remained committed to learning, teaching and coaching individuals, couples, parents, families, and organizations on techniques for creating harmonious relationships. He formed his first consulting business, Getting Along Better, LLC in 1996 and is working presently on a book that describes the Individual Identity Initiative for fellow counselors, pastors, and other Life Skills Educators. A North Carolina native residing in Maryland USA since 1981, Neely also enjoys music composition, singing, cycling, and skydiving.

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