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Elizabeth Douet, M.A.

elizabeth douet 150Elizabeth Douet is an Intercultural Coach and Corporate Communications Consultant. She began her professional career as a journalist and discovered a passion for intercultural coaching when professional postings required multiple moves across six different countries. Over the past twenty years, Douet has partnered with a broad range of organisations and individuals to develop and implement programmes and products that address the unique challenges faced by families in global transition. Based in Dublin, Ireland, she leverages evolving virtual and mobile technologies to help clients craft greater work/life opportunities and is completing a Masters in Digital Marketing Strategy.

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Irene J. Murray, LLB

irene murray 150After obtaining a law degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2007, and working several years in business management, Irene J. Murray was inspired to delve deeper into the dynamics of human consciousness and conflict.  

This led to her present, blended, role as a student of Kabbalah and a joint honors program – Psychology and  Religious Studies – at the University of Glasgow. Murray is especially fascinated with means to end long standing cycles of hate and violence and spent July and August of 2014 attending an intensive course on Conflict Resolution at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 

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Blanca Vergara, Panel Lead

blanca portrait 150Blanca Vergara is author of “Women Work Wonders” and Founder of Parenting the Gods – a program connecting mothers with their courage, compassion and (self) approval. Coming from a long lineage of Toltec Female Healers, Vergara felt herself being called to let go of her path “climbing the corporate ladder” and reconnect with the wisdom of her ancestors. Motherhood ensured her complete transformation.

Based in Amsterdam, Vergara offers online workshops to mothers around the world. Her larger goal is supporting the shift to a Heart Centered Economy by stopping the chain of fear and pain passively inherited generation after generation

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Annie Chisambo


Annie Chisambo 150 pAnnie Chisambo is Founder/Director of Elshaddai Money Training Ltd. and author of the book “How to budget with your pocket money and spend it all.” A UK based radio show host and motivational speaker,  Chisambo has more than 20 years financial experience  working for various  organisations including: Save the Children, the National Health Service and Manchester City Council.

Chisambo became aware of the need for proactively teaching money matters in simple ways to children, youths and adults, when she found herself having to walk to work one day as a result of not budgeting appropriately for transport. In 2011 she founded Elshaddai Money Training Ltd to provide sessions on all aspects of budgeting, banking and debt in schools and community groups.  Chisambo strongly believes that money management is an essential life skill that ought to be taught to all children.

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Amelia Lambert

Amelia Lambert 150

Amelia Lambert is 8 years old and a courageous pioneer – blazing new trails by being the youngest Thought Leader to serve at P20 Talks to date.

Traveling from Sacramento, California USA – where she lives with her Mom, Dad, and sister, her cat, 2 fish, her dog and 2 guinea pigs – Lambert is excited to share details of a financial literacy project she is working on at her school. Her broader goal is to confirm Parenting 2.0’s belief that children are highly capable in proactively learning advanced Life Skills – and indeed enjoy it – when caring educators have enough confidence and energy to support them in doing so.