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Luison Lassala, M.A.

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Luison Lassala  is a freelance IT consultant based in Dublin, and a partner with the international think-tank on social media: “InterMedia Social Innovation”.  He has been involved in youth work on a voluntary capacity for over 30 years. He is currently the director of Nullamore Youth Centre in Milltown, Dublin, and director for youth affairs of Brosna Educational Centres Ltd.  He delivers workshop on leadership and character development for teenagers, and he is a qualified facilitator for FranklinCovey’s 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens.

Born in Valencia, Spain, Lassala studied Philosophy and Economics in UCD and obtained an MA in Economics from NUI Galway in 1987. He has worked in the IT industry since graduation, getting his first job with Digital Equipment Corp. and taking on various responsibilities in management, marketing, training and consulting in Ireland and the UK.

He delivers presentations on Internet Safety to parents, teachers and children in schools and youth organisations, highlighting the pros and cons of these media, and providing tips and guidelines for parents and teachers to stay abreast of new technologies. In particular, he has taken a special interest on the effects that unbridled access to the Internet via smartphones can have on children and families.

He has written numerous articles on social networking for the Irish media and for publications abroad. He was appointed to the Internet Safety Advisory Council of Ireland by the then Minister for Justice.

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Sreela Banerjee

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Sreela Banerjee is Co-Founder of the Life Skills Institute, a non-profit charity based in the UK. Its remit is teaching core skills to pre-adults that better prepare them for excelling in future professional work and life.  Awareness/attention training and education in better understanding individual human spirit, form the foundation of the Institute’s curriculum.  “If you develop a habit of ‘watching out’ and bringing your mind back to what you want to think or do, that helps to reduce stress, as well as increase productivity. ‘It is just like exercising and developing a physical muscle.”

Banerjee has an undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics – Joint honors in Economics and Economic History – and an MBA from Cass Business School.  She was inspired to form the Life Skills Institute after a thirty year career that included consultancy positions in engineering, financial services, education and private management spanning multiple countries. Consistent through all of these positions, Banerjee observed, were the “cries” due to lack of formal education in emotional intelligence. This fact highlighted for Banerjee and her colleagues the critical need for forming The Life Skills Institute.

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Ilene Dillon, LMFT, LCSW


ilene portrait 150 x 150Ilene Dillon is internationally popular as “The Emotional Pro” and author of over 20 books, workbooks, CDs and mini-courses focused on parenting and emotions, including The ABCs of Love, The Exchange Student Model for Parenting, and Happiness is a Decision of the Heart. A practicing Marriage and family Therapist in California for 41 years,  Dillon teaches the Life Skills of Emotional Mastery and offers courses on such topics as  1) ending co-dependence, 2) permanently raising self-esteem, 3) principle-based parenting, and 4) mastering anger.

Dillon is a pioneer in the Emotional Literacy movement (Exploring Anger with Your Child, 1994), and enjoys featuring the groundbreaking work of fellow human development professionals via her weekly blog talk radio program “Full Power Living.”  Her workshop, “Principle-Driven Parenting” is part of the 2014 50th Anniversary Conference of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Dillon has been successful as a single, married, step, adoptive and grand mother of 6 children and 5 grandchildren. She resides in Northern California with her retired neurosurgeon husband, Dr. Robert (Bob) Fink, their dog, Pi, and 3 cats.

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Niamh Hannan, MSc.

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Niamh Hannan is a Counselling Psychologist registered with the Psychological Society of Ireland. She has been working with clients in a counselling setting for almost 15 years and has a part-time private practice in Donnybrook since 2004. Hannan also runs her own business, Mindworks, and is a trained Mediator, Master Practitioner in NLP, Psychological First-Aid responder (trauma prevention after critical incident), and Counselling Supervisor. She has extensive experience working with individuals & families; adults and teenagers.

In addition to her private practice, Hannan works with groups in a variety of contexts and organizations, designing and facilitating talks & interactive workshops (topics include Positive Parenting; Improving Communication; Stress Management; The Power of the Mind; Work-Life Balance; among others). She has facilitated numerous Positive Parenting courses and talks in schools around the country. Hannan was a regular contributor to The Parenting Slot on the Moncrieff Show, Newstalk fm, in 2011 and 2012. She also writes regularly for the ‘Irish Country Magazine’ and frequently contributes to articles in other magazines and national newspapers. Hannan is also the proud “mammy” of two young children.

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Babajide Bayo-Yusuf

babajide 150 Red TieBabajide Bayo-Yusuf is CEO and Founder of Tangtracker, a free online safety android app that permits parents to track and monitor several online activities carried by their children through their smartphone.  Also an IT consultant, Bayo-Yusuf’s passion for improving digital safety was ignited in 2013.

It began with a growing concern for the increased risk children face in the digital age and frustration with existing security measures. “The question I asked myself was, ‘Do I have to wait until something happens to a family member before I act?’.  He decided no and began researching how parents could use smartphone technology to better protect their children. This journey resulted in him creating Tangtracker. Bayo-Yusuf lives in the UK with his wife and infant son. He enjoys football, horse riding and brainstorming means Tangtracker can be improved.

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Diana Dentinger, Panel Lead

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Diana Dentinger is a Life Coach and creator of The Meaning of Life Path.™ She has provided both private coaching and corporate training programs for the past twenty years, motivating hundreds of people worldwide to achieve more clarity, meaning and performance in their personal and professional lives.

Dentinger graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a BS in 1984, and has a Diploma in Psychobiologiè (France) as a neurobiology therapist. She is also certified in multiple Behavior Models including DiSC, Enneagram, and We Care. Dentinger is Editor of the Inner Peace Parenting Magazine (a digital magazine available on iTunes) and Founder of “Women of Meaning” Gatherings. A popular keynote speaker and a featured author in the book “Pure Genius”,  she lives in northern Italy where she raises her four children.

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