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Jane Evans

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Jane Evans is an Author, Parenting Coach, and Domestic and Family Abuse Educator specializing in trauma and attachment.  Her early years story book  “How are you feeling today Baby Bear?” supports children in exploring feelings related to domestic violence. In addition to running her own consultancy, Evans also works with the 11-17 Parental Abuse Project in Bristol.

Her twenty year resume includes work with the NSPCC, Children’s Services, Survive, Barnardo’s and respite foster carer for Wiltshire council. Twenty years serving families confronting complex challenges – including  domestic violence, abuse, substance misuse, mental illness, homelessness, learning difficulties and poverty –  inspired Evans to start her own consultancy where she could proactively tackle the issue on three fronts: Supporting individuals and families in the throes of crisis, empowering those recovering from crisis, and educating all persons in means to prevent future abuse.  Her personal experience with abuse makes her a courageous and compassionate intercessor, educator and student in all of these forums.

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Elly Taylor


Elly Taylor 150 pxlElly Taylor is an Australia based relationship counselor, educator, researcher and author. Fifteen years counseling new parents – often only after crisis surfaced – impressed upon Taylor the value of proactively educating couples on the challenges that commonly surface during pregnancy, birth, and toddler years. Taylor’s first book, “Becoming Us” blends cutting edge research with front line stories in an effort to bridge the gap between expectations and reality and improve new parents prospects for success.

Taylor’s candid style has made her a popular contributor for multiple publications, including Australia’s number one selling “Practical Parenting Magazine, the Sydney Morning Herald, and Melbourne Age. She also presents at numerous national and international conferences. When she is not empowering others, Taylor continues “on the job training” with her firefighter husband, three children and multiple pets at their beachfront home in Sydney.

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Diane Speier, PhD


Diane Speier 150 pxlDiane Speier is a perinatal psychotherapist, specializing in the psychology of parenthood, the psychophysiology of birth, postnatal depression and birth trauma. In an effort to better support new parents internationally, as well as in the UK, she recently collaborated with her daughter, Mariel Sands, and developed a postnatal app called Digital Doula. The app consolidates critical postpartum information, research, articles and videos.

Speier became a certified childbirth educator and also started attending births as a labor companion in 1978, which eventually became doula service for childbirth and postnatal home care in 1995. After training in the facilitation of human potential, The Birth Empowerment Workshop® was born in 1988 as a powerful weekend intensive for pregnant couples seeking a multidimensional and holistic approach to birth and parenting. This workshop evolved into a couple’s retreat designed to deepen intimacy while empowering the family. Before immigrating to the UK in 1998, Speier founded The Family Tree Center for Parents in New York, 1983 – 1998. Speier is presently working on a new book titled, ” The Handbook for the Postnatal Period.”

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Alan Wilson

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Alan Wilson is the creator of “The Parent Champion” and “The Ethos of Empowerment” programmes. Core to each is the prioritization of culture and connection over content. Wilson’s path to becoming a Life Skills Empowerment Coach was anything but conventional. He began his professional career in advertising, then experienced a cascade of professional and personal trials – bankruptcy, nervous breakdown, divorce. These “catastrophic” events inspired renewed consideration of his life purpose and delivered him to a greater appreciation of spirituality and energy. “In 2002 I learned there was potential for a deeper level of connection beyond what is conventionally described by sensory-awareness and active listening – an energetic connection that delivers powerful positive personal transformation when respected and proactively cultivated.”

Wilson blended this awareness with the human applicability of an advertising concept on which he trained fellow professionals – USP (Unique Selling Point). The combination proved surprisingly powerful when he began volunteer work with teens. Children normally deemed “difficult” or worse began thriving under Wilson’s tutelage. This unanticipated success motivated Wilson to write a variety of programmes culminating in The Parent Champion program in 2010. The essential message is when parents/teachers feel comfortable within themselves children are freer and more comfortable being themselves. The Ethos of Empowerment programme, launched in a Special Education Needs school in October 2012, expands the concept and supports teachers, staff, students and parents in creating a culture of empowerment in schools.

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Karen Shaw, Panel Lead

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Karen Shaw is an NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, trainer and presenter. She was first introduced to NLP while searching for “anything” that would enable her as a single parent to better support her three sons – all of whom were struggling academically and socially amidst varying diagnosis including Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, dyslexia etc.

Shaw describes the transformation she experienced communicating with her sons – and their corresponding improvement thanks to NLP – as “miraculous.” For this reason, she began passionately educating other parents. Based in the UK, she regularly holds workshops and seminars containing elements from Personal Development, NLP, Hypnotherapy, energy therapies, Hoponopono, Heartmath and living a ‘heart centred’ life.

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Vivien Sabel, UKCP, MBACP Cop.


vivien sabel headshot 150Vivien Sabel is an award-winning author of The Blossom Method, a UKCP relational psychotherapist, international speaker, attachment lecturer, baby observer and mother. She is fluent in British Sign Language and formerly trained as a British Sign Language Interpreter.

Born to a deaf mother who didn’t sign, Vivien Sabel has always been attuned to body language and non-verbal communication. When she had her own daughter, Blossom, she intuitively interpreted her actions and understood Blossom’s needs. It was only when discussing her methods with fellow mums that she realized her approach was unique. Sharing her method with them, they were all amazed at its success and word of The Blossom Method™ soon spread. The Blossom Method™ is featured in the news and media across the globe. As featured in Junior, Mother & Baby, The Times of India, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Irish News and recently the BBC. The book is available in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, and is soon to be published in South Korea.

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