P20 Talks 2012 Thought Leaders

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Marlaine Cover Founder of Parenting 2.0 [entry-title]

Marlaine Paulsen Cover, MPA is a Social Entrepreneur, Author, Life Skills Educator, and Parenting Strategist. Known internationally as Mama Marlaine, Cover began her professional career working in development for higher education.  While raising her two daughters, however, she became acutely…

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Jean Harris [entry-title]

Jean Harris’ extensive background ranges from being a chemistry instructor, corporate marketing representative for two Fortune 500 companies, financial consultant in a major brokerage firm, and training specialist in a non-profit organization. Empowering parental guidance along with watchful eyes and…

P20 Talk Session:
Deborah McNelis [entry-title]

Deborah McNelis is an Early Brain Development Specialist and owner of Brain Insights®.  She is the award winning author of, The Brain Development Series, Naturally Developing Young Brains, and the Love Your Baby App. Deborah has been seen in several…

P20 Talk Session:
Paul Rosengard [entry-title]

Paul Rosengard is known internationally for his creative writing and innovative pedagogical methods, which have been proven effective in improving physical activity programs, teacher effectiveness, and student outcomes. To date, he has over 25 publications in professional journals, has authored or…

P20 Talk Session:
Bobbi DePorter [entry-title]

Bobbi DePorter has changed the lives of over ten million kids through her SuperCamp and Quantum Learning school programs. Bobbi broke the mold in the early eighties by creating a learning and life skills academic summer program for youth. Not…

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