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Thursday August 16th – Saturday August 18th

 The Best Western Plus Hacienda Hotel in historic Old Town San Diego provides shuttle service for the ten minute transport between the airport and the hotel.  P20 Talks Registration begins at 4:00 pm in the lobby of the Hacienda Hotel.

Thursday August 16, 2012

  • Registration/Media Presenters’ Tables*


  • P20 Talks Welcome

    Opening Remarks by Ezechiel “Zeke” Bambolo, Jr
    Paradigm Shift of P20 by Marlaine Cover


  • Can’t tech this!

    Life Skill – Digital Safety

    Knowledge is power and never more so than with social media.  P20 Digital Safety Thought Leaders discuss protecting children and their social security numbers from identity theft while connecting with them through technology.  You won’t learn everything, that modifies daily, but you will hear the top threats and be inspired to encourage everyone to continue learning.

    Thought Leaders:  Tshaka Armstrong *Lead
    Robin Sax, Kristie Bjorklund Davidson, Etel Leit


  • Can I buy that?

    Life Skill – Finance

    Managing money for the benefit of self and others is an essential life skill. Sadly, even fortunate children’s education can often be summed up in one word “allowance.” P20 Financial Literacy entrepreneurs provide creative ideas for enhancing the educational process and guiding all children on paths toward financial competency.

    Thought Leaders:   Lynne L. Finch *Lead
    Bill Dwight, Anthony Delmedico, Etay Gafni, Arnie Benn


  • Networking Presenters’ Tables*


Friday August 17

  • Registration Presenters’ Tables*


  • EQ elevated to IQ

    Life Skill – All of them!

    Every single skill set on the Life Skills Report Card (Personal Care, Organizational, Respect for Self and Others, Communication and Social) is dramatically impacted by children’s emotional intelligence. But how many parents know how to effect change?  P20 EQ Thought Leaders stimulate discussion by sharing their insights regarding proactive education of emotional intelligence.

    Thought Leaders:  Tara Kennedy-Kline *Lead
    Dr. Rosina McAlpine, Sheryl Stoller, Dr.Roger Frame, Laura L. BrownDiana Sterling


  • Communication 101 Kids Zero to Ten

    Life Skill – Communication

    Even before babies are born they are learning to communicate and connect with others. Advanced interpersonal communication skills increase children’s capacity for creating healthy, relationships with friends, family and colleagues. Tragically – few receive formal education. P20 Early Childhood Thought Leaders turn the tide by promoting a proactive educational approach for this critical phase of education.

    Thought Leaders:   Dr. Rosina McAlpine *Lead
    Dr. Yvonne Sum, Dr. Raelynn Maloney, Melissa Pazen, Susie Walton, Mark Romero


  • Buffet Lunch Presenters’ Tables*


  • Where are my?

    Life Skill – Organizational Skills

    Strong organizational skills positively impact every aspect of children’s lives: school, sports, general schedule, relationships with others and self-esteem. An effective educational curriculum replaces discipline with inspiration. P2O Organizational Thought Leaders stimulate discussion by sharing their ideas for enhancing this vital educational process.

    Thought Leaders:  Mitzi Weinman *Lead
    Deborah King, Dr. Shirin Sherkat, Dr. Yvonne Sum,  Sherlyn Pang Luedtke, Roya Kravetz


  • Modern Families

    Life Skill – Communication

    Today’s families are spectacularly diverse. This provides unique opportunities for parents, children and the societies they form to grow in sensitivity, wisdom and compassion. P20 Modern Family Thought Leaders illuminate these by speaking in-depth to both traditional and non-traditional branches of modern family trees.  Their primary goal is expanding the variety of tools Life Skills Educators access to nurture the construction of relationships where children and parents “thrive”.

    Thought Leaders:   Rhonda Sciortino*Lead
    Dr. Jeannine Zoppi,  Dr. Pilar Placone,  Janet Bray Attwood, Jeff Everage, Diana Sterling


  • Networking Presenters’ Tables*


Saturday August 18

  • Presenters’ Tables*


  • No More Bullies

    Life Skill – Social Skills

    When a child has difficulty with math we say the math is difficult.  When children have difficulty communicating with other children we call the children difficult – or some other name.  P20 advocates abandoning name calling and embracing proactive education for all children in interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. Conflict Resolution Thought Leaders lead the discussion.

    Thought Leaders: Devin C. Hughes *Lead
    Dr. Samantha Madosingh, Dr. Deborah Gilboa, Catherine Mattice,  Dr. Donna Volpitta, Dione Becker


  • Teens: Endangered to Empowered

    Life Skill – Personal Care

    Today’s teens face unprecedented pressures and novel learning curves. The result is both teens and their parents feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated.  P20 Teen Educators inspire a redirect by sharing practical, positive ways to empower all teens and parents.

    Thought Leaders:  Karen Shaw *Lead
     Ray Erickson, Renee Walker, Gayle Rogers, Tami Walsh, Rob Broyles


  • Buffet Lunch Presenters’ Tables*


  • New Horizons New Narrative

    Life Skill – Social Skills

    In the past twenty years knowledge about the human brain has doubled – things recently considered fact are now known to be fictional.  P20 New Horizon Thought Leaders speak to new frontiers in human development while simultaneously stressing the need for greater humility, gratitude, and optimism.

    Thought Leaders:   Marlaine Cover *Lead
    Deborah McNelis, Jean Harris, Dr. Lynne Kenney, Janet Bray Attwood, Paul Rosengard, Bobbi DePorter


  • P20 Talks 2012 Humanitarian Award

    Each year, Parenting 2.0 will award the P20 Talks Humanitarian Award to the individual/s whom they feel most contributed to bridging the gap between Life Skills Educators and Students.

    Award Presented by Ezechiel “Zeke” Bambolo, Jr.


  • Unveiling of The Global Presence

    The Global Presence is a volunteer service organization supporting those serving on the front lines raising humanity. The Global Presence has three primary service paths: Unification of non-academic Life Skills Educators via formation of The Global Presence Guild; Rating of Life Skills Related Resources by Guild Members; and Creation of Global Presence Educational Centers in communities worldwide. Global Presence volunteers pledge humility in their role and respect for diversity and the divine wisdom of others. Parents seeking support from Global Presence Educational Centers will always be provided a minimum of three options or resource materials to explore.

    Opening Remarks by Adam Dolgin
    The opportunity by Marlaine Cover
    Three paths of service  Sherlyn Pang Luedtke, Marlaine Cover


  • Networking Presenters’ Tables*


* Presenters will be available for meet & greet.
   Buffet lunch at Acapulco Restaurant.

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