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Allwyn Menezes


Allwyn Menezes is the co-owner of a women’s clothing store in Goa that found his community service calling providing proactive Life Skills education in schools and communities. Priority project at present is a School Hygiene Program that makes hand washing mandatory in schools, collages and institutions.

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Jacinthe Guiho


Jacinthe Guiho has worked 25 years in academic settings teaching children from the ages of four to fourteen dance, art, theatre and religious studies. Based in Timmins, Ontario Canada, she is passionate about the importance of giving children tools that enhance innate creativity and expression.

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Usha Subramaniam


Usha is Co-founder of  JaagoTeens – a registered society that conducts interactive sessions on digital safety.  To date, Jaago Teens has provided more than 200 workshops and events educating more than 70 thousand individuals. In March 2016, JaagoTeens received the Shakuntala Singh Memorial Rita Kumar Foundation award in ‘Recognition of Achievement in Digital Education’.

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Basudev Banerjee


Basudev “Basu” Banerjee was working as a consultant with a media consulting firm in 2009 when his 18 month old son was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer called Retinoblastoma. Living today in Delhi, India, with his son fully healed, Basu is passionate educating others about screenings and bridging the disparity between medical facts and emotional support.  

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Robert Dourado

robert-douradoRobert Dourado is the Founder of R & A Dourado Leadership International and Co-Founder of SOIDEMER ® based in Goa, India.  Trained by International Success Coach Blair Singer, Robert conducts experiential workshops and trainings on principles, frameworks and insights to elevate individuals to pursue their true calling.

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Louise Williams

Louise Williams

Louise Williams is the Founder of Love Humanity International. Rooted in India in 2004, LHI’s core mission is strengthening families and empowering children. Based currently in Texas, USA, Louise previously oversaw the development of Responsible Childcare® (RC) in India, a parenting program featuring three segments: 1) Common Sense Parenting, 2) HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention and 3) Reproductive Health.

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Jaya Bhateja

Jaya holds the credential PCC and is a globally recognised Life Coach by ICF.  Based out of Gurgaon, India, she works to empower youth, entrepreneurs and leaders in reaching the next level of their potential. To date she has  logged over 1500 hours of coaching and mentoring experience in diverse Industries across India, Philippines, US &UK. 

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Niti Kapoor, Psy.D

Niti KappoorNiti Kapoor has a doctorate in Psychology and 15 years experience working as Sensory Integration Therapist and 16PF Expert. In 2006 she founded Strategic Links (dedicated to holistic development, guidance and mental health for children and families). In 2016 she added Certified Happiness Practitioner to her list of credentials. Service on the governmental panel of Defense, Film Division, Information & Broadcasting provides her the opportunity to coach in urban, semi-urban and rural areas throughout India. 

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Sunita Biddu, MS

Sunita Biddu

Sunita Biddu is a Social Media strategist based in Gurgaon, India with over 12 years of industry experience. Co-author of a rich ebook on social media for startups, she has supported over 5000 entrepreneurs and businesses around the globe in utilizing social media to accomplish their goals.

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Sue Ismiel

Sue Ismiel

Sue Ismiel is CEO of Sue Ismiel and Daughters, a Sydney based, family owned, personal care company that has earned multiple awards and an international customer base. Sue created her first product in response to her daughter’s frustrations with everyday hair styling, then discovered in sharing the much greater need she was fullfilling. Today she is passionate validating human beings’ basic needs and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

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