Rosalind Cutler

Ros Cutler 150Ros Cutler founded Family Matters Coaching to provide parents benefits comparable to those executives routinely receive in corporations. Originally from the UK, Cutler has lived most of her life as an expat – all  four of her boys were born in Uganda in Africa. For the past 10 years the family has been living near Geneva, Switzerland where her American husband works at the World Health Organisation.

“Expat family life has very special challenges – the rest of the family are often far away and friends – when you get to make them – are often just about to leave and go, or its your turn to get posted to a new country . There nobody knows you. Chances are you need to learn a new language, learn a new public transport system, find out where the shops are and how to read the labels, find out about school, try to make yourself understood … so there is a lot of disruption, your kids can feel shunted around (so can you!) and its hard to keep going. It puts lots of pressure on everyone.” . Currently studying for an MSc in psychology, Cutler has found Family Coaching  a perfect way to support families in thriving amidst these multiple challenges and transitions.

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