Edwina Neely, MA

Edwina Neely 150 Edwina Grice Neely, MA, is an author, entrepreneur, teacher, seminar presenter, wife and mother. She began her career as a speech pathologist and audiologist, graduating from Hampton Institute and teaching in the University’s speech program. Her attention soon turned to marriage and parenthood as she sought new ways to utilize her skills and talents, and more than thirty years teaching Kindergarten in Maryland USA.

During this time, she developed a Parent-Teacher Partnership Program that provides monthly seminars for parents on the many ways children learn – multiple intelligences, respect for personality traits, communication skills etc. Currently the Director of Parenting Ministries at a church in Fulton, MD., Neely is also the author of  “So I’m Home! Now What?,  “Thank You God for my Food” and “Thank You God for my Body.”

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