Bill Neely

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Bill Neely is the Founder of the Individual Identity Initiative, a method of inquiry that promotes discovering, promoting and maintaining one’s individual “innocent” essence. Twenty four years experience as a pastoral minister in Washington, DC confirmed for Neely the value of affirming, illuminating, and nurturing the infinite potential of every individual – independent life challenges or circumstances – and inspired him to formalize his unique methodology in the form of  The Individual Identity Initiative.

Neely’s passion for working with families first emerged after he attended a Family Life Workshop while in seminary and discovered  that – despite being married and a father of three – he actually knew very little about family life.  Since then he has remained committed to learning, teaching and coaching individuals, couples, parents, families, and organizations on techniques for creating harmonious relationships. He formed his first consulting business, Getting Along Better, LLC in 1996 and is working presently on a book that describes the Individual Identity Initiative for fellow counselors, pastors, and other Life Skills Educators. A North Carolina native residing in Maryland USA since 1981, Neely also enjoys music composition, singing, cycling, and skydiving.

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