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Antoinette Moriarty, M.Sc., UKCP Reg.

antoinette 150Antoinette Moriarty trained as an Integrative Psychotherapist at the Metanoia Institute, London and currently has a private psychotherapy practice in Dublin, Ireland. She also manages the Counselling Service at the Law Society of Ireland. Blending elements of her background in education and professional development with psychotherapy, she has created a course titled ‘Shrink Me – Psychology of a Lawyer’. This innovative module supports the psychological, emotional and relational development of solicitors. Moriarty also coordinates a Learning and Teaching programme for the Law Society’s Associate Faculty, in which she draws upon the field of Emotional Intelligence and explores the psychological interplay between the various professional roles we adopt and our core personal identity.

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Elizabeth Douet, M.A.

elizabeth douet 150Elizabeth Douet is an Intercultural Coach and Corporate Communications Consultant. She began her professional career as a journalist and discovered a passion for intercultural coaching when professional postings required multiple moves across six different countries. Over the past twenty years, Douet has partnered with a broad range of organisations and individuals to develop and implement programmes and products that address the unique challenges faced by families in global transition. Based in Dublin, Ireland, she leverages evolving virtual and mobile technologies to help clients craft greater work/life opportunities and is completing a Masters in Digital Marketing Strategy.

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Irene J. Murray, LLB

irene murray 150After obtaining a law degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2007, and working several years in business management, Irene J. Murray was inspired to delve deeper into the dynamics of human consciousness and conflict.  

This led to her present, blended, role as a student of Kabbalah and a joint honors program – Psychology and  Religious Studies – at the University of Glasgow. Murray is especially fascinated with means to end long standing cycles of hate and violence and spent July and August of 2014 attending an intensive course on Conflict Resolution at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 

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Luison Lassala, M.A.

luison lassala 150

Luison Lassala  is a freelance IT consultant based in Dublin, and a partner with the international think-tank on social media: “InterMedia Social Innovation”.  He has been involved in youth work on a voluntary capacity for over 30 years. He is currently the director of Nullamore Youth Centre in Milltown, Dublin, and director for youth affairs of Brosna Educational Centres Ltd.  He delivers workshop on leadership and character development for teenagers, and he is a qualified facilitator for FranklinCovey’s 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens.

Born in Valencia, Spain, Lassala studied Philosophy and Economics in UCD and obtained an MA in Economics from NUI Galway in 1987. He has worked in the IT industry since graduation, getting his first job with Digital Equipment Corp. and taking on various responsibilities in management, marketing, training and consulting in Ireland and the UK.

He delivers presentations on Internet Safety to parents, teachers and children in schools and youth organisations, highlighting the pros and cons of these media, and providing tips and guidelines for parents and teachers to stay abreast of new technologies. In particular, he has taken a special interest on the effects that unbridled access to the Internet via smartphones can have on children and families.

He has written numerous articles on social networking for the Irish media and for publications abroad. He was appointed to the Internet Safety Advisory Council of Ireland by the then Minister for Justice.

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Joanna Fortune, MICP, MIFPP

joanna fortune 150Joanna Fortune is a Clinical Psychotherapist and Child Attachment Specialist with over 15 years experience working with children and families. She founded Solamh Parent-Child Relationship Clinic Dublin, Ireland in 2010 – prior to which she worked in the NGO sector specialising in a range of challenging and trauma based issues. She spent over 3 years working in orphanages in Russia with children of all ages who are growing up in institutions and developed a variety of programs of de-institutionalisation, life skills and psychological resilience building while there.

As a clinician, mentor and well established training consultant and guest speaker in her field, Fortune is also a regular contributor in the media on issues of child development and parenting. She is often told that she possess the ability to think like a 5 year old and she embodies this attitude in her approach to her work. You can read about her clinical work on or on her parenting blog site www.joannafortune.

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Sreela Banerjee

sreela 150x150

Sreela Banerjee is Co-Founder of the Life Skills Institute, a non-profit charity based in the UK. Its remit is teaching core skills to pre-adults that better prepare them for excelling in future professional work and life.  Awareness/attention training and education in better understanding individual human spirit, form the foundation of the Institute’s curriculum.  “If you develop a habit of ‘watching out’ and bringing your mind back to what you want to think or do, that helps to reduce stress, as well as increase productivity. ‘It is just like exercising and developing a physical muscle.”

Banerjee has an undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics – Joint honors in Economics and Economic History – and an MBA from Cass Business School.  She was inspired to form the Life Skills Institute after a thirty year career that included consultancy positions in engineering, financial services, education and private management spanning multiple countries. Consistent through all of these positions, Banerjee observed, were the “cries” due to lack of formal education in emotional intelligence. This fact highlighted for Banerjee and her colleagues the critical need for forming The Life Skills Institute.

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Blanca Vergara, Panel Lead

blanca portrait 150Blanca Vergara is author of “Women Work Wonders” and Founder of Parenting the Gods – a program connecting mothers with their courage, compassion and (self) approval. Coming from a long lineage of Toltec Female Healers, Vergara felt herself being called to let go of her path “climbing the corporate ladder” and reconnect with the wisdom of her ancestors. Motherhood ensured her complete transformation.

Based in Amsterdam, Vergara offers online workshops to mothers around the world. Her larger goal is supporting the shift to a Heart Centered Economy by stopping the chain of fear and pain passively inherited generation after generation

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Ilene Dillon, LMFT, LCSW


ilene portrait 150 x 150Ilene Dillon is internationally popular as “The Emotional Pro” and author of over 20 books, workbooks, CDs and mini-courses focused on parenting and emotions, including The ABCs of Love, The Exchange Student Model for Parenting, and Happiness is a Decision of the Heart. A practicing Marriage and family Therapist in California for 41 years,  Dillon teaches the Life Skills of Emotional Mastery and offers courses on such topics as  1) ending co-dependence, 2) permanently raising self-esteem, 3) principle-based parenting, and 4) mastering anger.

Dillon is a pioneer in the Emotional Literacy movement (Exploring Anger with Your Child, 1994), and enjoys featuring the groundbreaking work of fellow human development professionals via her weekly blog talk radio program “Full Power Living.”  Her workshop, “Principle-Driven Parenting” is part of the 2014 50th Anniversary Conference of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Dillon has been successful as a single, married, step, adoptive and grand mother of 6 children and 5 grandchildren. She resides in Northern California with her retired neurosurgeon husband, Dr. Robert (Bob) Fink, their dog, Pi, and 3 cats.

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Rosalind Cutler

Ros Cutler 150Ros Cutler founded Family Matters Coaching to provide parents benefits comparable to those executives routinely receive in corporations. Originally from the UK, Cutler has lived most of her life as an expat – all  four of her boys were born in Uganda in Africa. For the past 10 years the family has been living near Geneva, Switzerland where her American husband works at the World Health Organisation.

“Expat family life has very special challenges – the rest of the family are often far away and friends – when you get to make them – are often just about to leave and go, or its your turn to get posted to a new country . There nobody knows you. Chances are you need to learn a new language, learn a new public transport system, find out where the shops are and how to read the labels, find out about school, try to make yourself understood … so there is a lot of disruption, your kids can feel shunted around (so can you!) and its hard to keep going. It puts lots of pressure on everyone.” . Currently studying for an MSc in psychology, Cutler has found Family Coaching  a perfect way to support families in thriving amidst these multiple challenges and transitions.

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Reeta Passi

reeta passi 150Reeta Passi is a Parenting Coach with Nouvel Era and a member of Education Professionals Forum in  Gurgaon, India. The forum consists of internationally acclaimed education professionals who collaborate to create new approaches to education with a particular goal of making teaching and parenting as enthusiastic, stress free and pleasurable as possible.

A primary school teacher for thirty years – twenty at a British school in Kuwait – Passi sees parents, teachers and students as three angles of a triangle and commitment to ‘Empowering the Triangle’ as central to students’ success.  “Parents are the ones who teach initial life skills to children and everything else centers around those competencies.” This awareness inspired her to shift her focus from teaching to better supporting parents.  In addition to her work with Nouvel Era, Passi is an active member of ‘Global India Connections’ and ‘Internations’- Ex Pat members organisations in India and abroad and volunteers time also teaching English to children at under privileged schools.

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