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Anthony Delmedico

Anthony DelmedicoAnthony Delmedico is a bootstrap, serial entrepreneur, author, and educational toy inventor. He is the CEO of several successful companies and has served as a mentor to many start-ups, taking them from idea stage to revenue producing reality. Anthony donates his entrepreneurial books, apprentice kits, and his time speaking to at-risk kids, students, and youth groups about the importance of Entrepreneurship. 

His award-winning book, Kids in Business Around the World, teaches kids ages 8-14 how to start their own business and manage money. Anthony is a a dedicated father to his 5 year old daughter, Bella Mia, the primary emotional driver for his dedication to launching books, products and programs and leaving a simple “blueprint” that teaches kids entrepreneurship.
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Bill Dwight

Bill DwightBill Dwight is the CEO and Founder of, a husband to his college sweetheart, and a father of five. FamZoo helps parents teach their kids good personal finance habits through hands-on experience with its online Virtual Family Bank.

Since graduating from Princeton in 1984, Bill has been building software in a diverse range of areas including consumer Internet applications, online staffing marketplaces, software development tools, Internet advertising, relational databases, and artificial intelligence.
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Lynne L. Finch – Finance Lead

Lynne FinchLynne L. Finch is the author of The No-Cash Allowance: A Practical Guide to Teaching Your Children How to Manage Money. Her book has been named ‘Most Outstanding Parenting Book’ by the Mom’s Choice Awards®.

Lynne offers parents an easy-to-use money management system to help kids master the concepts of managing money without using cash—an essential skill in today’s increasing cashless society.
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Robin Sax

Robin SaxRobin Sax is a legal analyst for Fox11 Los Angeles (KTTV). She appears there daily offering legal insight and analysis as well as parenting and safety expertise. She also regularly contributes her legal and parenting expertise to The TODAY Show, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, CNN, and HLN. She covers both the unknown and known high profile cases including Conrad Murray, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Casey Anthony, Jaycee Dugard, OJ Simpson and many more.

Robin Sax is an author who has penned six books, including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Criminal Justice System and Predators and Child Molesters:  A Sex Crimes DA Answers 100 of the Most Asked Questions all of which draw on her vast experience as a prosecutor and victim right’s advocate. Her powerful insights have regularly graced the pages of The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, People Magazine, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, The Los Angeles Times and the Women in Crime Ink blog.
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Tshaka Armstrong – Digital Safety Lead

Tshaka ArmstrongTshaka Armstrong has always been a geek and a story teller! Having poetry published as a youth and adult, Tshaka took his love for a beautifully crafted yarn to television where he’s won numerous awards, including Emmys and an Edward R. Murrow award.

It wasn’t until he took on the role of family man that he saw his gifts come into their full fruition. Along the way as he’s done his best to nurture his own family, Tshaka has also been an integral part of growing large online communities and rocked social media!

As the family tech guy (you know, the one relatives call when they have computer issues), Tshaka found that gadgets were helping drive a wedge between parents and their children. The adults were often missing out on so many “teach! able moments” due to their children having separate online lives that those parents were, quite often, completely oblivious to.

Tshaka found the inspiration to create Digital Shepherds after working in investigative news. There was story after story about how the internet and mobile technologies were being used to prey on children and how children were naively making themselves victims due to their own lack of digital literacy. Mr. Armstrong said, “enough is enough,” and Digital Shepherds was born.
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