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Rhonda Sciortino – Modern Families Lead

Rhonda SciortinoBorn and raised in Southern California, Rhonda Sciortino’s experience of the beautiful southern California foothills was not that of the average middle class resident in the 60’s and 70’s. Rhonda was raised in a filthy, rodent infested, one-room shack that had no heating, questionable plumbing, and a cesspool that regularly overflowed down the dirt driveway.

The neighborhood was rough, but what happened inside the house was much more terrifying than the neighboring drug dealers, “Hell’s Angel’s,” or the people who bragged about their drive-by shootings. After a lifetime of searching for answers to the big questions of life, Rhonda found some answers, and peace to accept the unanswered. Through her books and speaking, Rhonda hopes to encourage everyone to find and fulfill the specific Assignment for their lives. There are clues, and it’s incumbent upon us to find and evaluate them and then determine to fulfill our unique Assignment to the best of our ability.

Where we came from, what we’ve gone through, and what we’ve done are exactly the things that qualify us to do our Assignments. It doesn’t matter how old we are, how incapable we may feel, or how many mistakes we’ve made. As long as we’re still breathing, we’re still in the game! You can succeed because of what you’ve been through!
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Jeff Everage

Jeff Everage

Navy SEAL training, entrepreneurial ventures, and corporate business leadership did not fully prepare Jeff Everage for his life’s biggest challenge – fatherhood. In 2008 as his young sons began fighting constantly, he dedicated as much time to his parenting education as he had to his career education. Following his first Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) Parenting Course, he made the commitment to incorporate positive parenting techniques and to share them with others, ultimately becoming a certified RCB and a certified Positive Discipline Instructor.

In order to teach an ever-expanding world-wide network of parents looking to build happier families and raise self-motivated kids, Jeff co-founded Through Peace In Your Home, Jeff provides parents engaging online education based on mutual respect and community support.  

A sought after keynote speaker, writer, and trainer, Jeff presents and writes about parenting fundamentals backed by new brain science, evolutionary development, cultural history, and common sense.
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Lauren Zimet

Lauren Zimet

Passionate about giving children a healthy start in life, Lauren Zimet, M.S.,CCC/SLP is a Speech Language Pathologist with more than 15 years of professional experience. She is the founder and executive director of the Healthy Foundations Program, a brain health education program based in Georgia.

A speaker and educator, she provides speech and feeding therapy and facilitates social thinking groups for children of all abilities. Lauren teaches children about their “inner toolbox” supporting life skills. Utilizing the concepts in nurturing her own daughter, she gained valuable insight into the processes that enable children to develop and flourish.

Lauren believes when children are empowered, they discover they can do miraculous things. When parents are empowered they can make positive changes to support and nurture their children. Empowering families to make small changes, to slow down…to live and be in the present is at the core of her work.

In 2007, Lauren was part of the first pediatric health care mission to Moldova, where she provided in-service training to medical professionals and consulted with families in need. Over the years, her work has been cited in several books such as The LCP Solution by Dr. Jacqueline Stordy and Malcolm Nicholl, The Late Talker by Dr. Marilyn Agin and Lisa Geng, and magazines such as Parenting, Advance, Common Ground and The Autism Files.

Lauren earned her Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology in 1995, from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and her Bachelor of Science in Communications from the University of Maryland in College Park, MD. She has a Certificate of Clinical Competence In Speech Language Pathology (CCC/SLP), and is certified in Neuro-Developmental Training (NDT).
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Kristie Bjorklund Davidson

Kristie Bjorklund DavidsonFourteen years ago Kristie Bjorklund Davidson had a dream.  She always had a passion for educating kids and wanted to help them turn their mundane daily homework and school projects into a positive, FUN experience.  Growing up, she herself struggled in school with finding ways to keep learning interesting and exciting.  These struggles propelled her to combine the computer revolution with everyday after school homework help on a weekly basis in the home setting.  Over the years, she has worked with many amazing families.  By implementing her “Edutainment” philosophy she has had the opportunity to change the educational experience in the home by combining online safety, tech skills, & life skills.

New technology has provided Kristie with a never ending curriculum ranging from using phonics on an Ipad for teaching a 3 year old early reading to using typing software, so that kids enter into middle school with at least 50 wpm.   This gives them the tools to stay ahead of their education, and feel confident and secure.  As an avid LA surfer girl and proud step mother of three, she has enjoyed proving that technology can be a wonderful educational tool, if used in a safe controlled environment.  Her hope is to bridge the gap between parents and their children’s tech life.

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Gayle Rodgers

Gayle RogersGayle Rodgers of Plan Your Dream Life is a speaker, trainer and coach working with teens and their parents to create a meaningful life.  She specializes in teaching and facilitating effective decision-making using her easy LOVE to Choose model.

Gayle believes that a proven decision-making process is vital since the brain is not fully developed until mid-twenties, yet youthful decisions have a lasting impact on our lives as adults.  She helps them put some thought in their decision-making process.  The LOVE to Choose format helps teens discover and stay on track for a life of joy and fulfillment.

Gayle is a Life Coach, a certified Dream Coach® Group Leader, certified in NLP, and is a Trained True Purpose Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.  She has always been an acknowledged leader for growth and development through education, family and business.

 Gayle’s successes span experience as a junior high school teacher, a stay-at-home mom, and a profitable business owner growing her bookbindery manufacturing company to 45 employees and over $ 1 million in annual revenue.
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Renee Walker

Renee Walker Renee Walker is the founder of Bay Area Communities for Health Education, BACHE.  BACHE is a parent led organization that promotes the teaching of comprehensive sexuality education in California public schools, assisting school districts, teachers and parents in their efforts to bring their programs into compliance with state law and current public health policy.  

Renee has over 30 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education, Parent Ed and works with Developmentally Disabled adults.  She is mother to two adult sons and lifelong partner with their father.
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Ken Rabow – Teens Lead

Ken Rabow is an “out of the box” life empowerment coach, a Huffington Post blogger and a Workshop and Keynote speaker on the topic of teens struggling with issues ranging from anxiety to academic indifference and substance abuse.

With over 10 years of experience as a life coach and seven years working with middle school children on special projects, Ken has formulated a way of approaching each child as an unfinished work of art waiting for us to let go of the negative parts and let the true work of art unfold.

The essence of Ken’s work with self-sabotaging teens and young adults can be found in his weekly columns at Our Kids and Huffington Post in a 13 step system that treats each person’s progress as “The Hero’s Journey”. This allows for an individual approach to each client. Ken’s podcasts on the subject can be found at iTunes.

Recently, Ken has been invited to speak to parents, teachers and students about the power of mentoring and how each and every one of us can have a profound impact on the world by micro-mentoring.

Ken was the keynote speaker at a recent day of professional development at our school. Ken has a deep interest in, and understanding of, people – their motivations, their conflicts, and in reaching back to roots of those conflicts to understand them and thereby strengthen. He listens because he cares, and those around him feel heard, empowered, and safe. A fun and highly enriching hour of music, strategy, stories, and learning! – Luke Coles – Principal, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park
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Dr. Samantha Madhosingh

Dr Samantha MadhosinghDr. Samantha Madhosingh is the Emotional Wellness Doctor. She believes that because the mind, body, and spirit are inextricably connected, emotional wellness is the single most important factor that can dramatically impact all areas of a person’s life. She is a clinical psychologist, certified professional coach, and speaker with expertise in emotional wellness, mental health, child development, parenting, and trauma.

Dr. Samantha inspires people to magnify their brilliance and live fearlessly. She motivates them to live on purpose, in power and with passion. She teaches her clients how to clear the inner barriers that sabotage their success so they can quit playing small and allow their inner brilliance shine through.

Through Dr. Samantha’s extensive training in both psychology AND coaching she facilitates her clients’ understanding and acceptance of the past, helps them focus on powerfully changing the present, and successfully build the blissful life of their dreams for the future.

Dr. Samantha has previously worked in multiple mental health care settings, including as an administrator at a psychiatric hospital, a clinical administrator for a mental health agency, and as a clinical psychologist in a school. She has served as an adjunct faculty member at The George Washington University. She has presented locally and nationally on the impact of violence and trauma on children and youth, and has coordinated school-based crises in D.C. public and charter schools as well as national and international disasters.

Dr. Samantha is a successful businesswoman and devoted mother. She loves exploring the world with her daughter and engaging in the wonderful journey of motherhood. 

Dream and dream BIG! Dream with such passion and conviction that there can be no other option than for your dreams to become reality. Believe in yourself and let your brilliance shine!!

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Ray Erickson

Ray Erickson

After 30 years as a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of adolescents Ray Erickson has consolidated the accumulated wisdom into his new book, Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen, a practical, lighthearted look at the world of teenagers and what to do with them. Ray has spent his life helping teenagers and is an entertaining, insightful and inspiring writer, public speaker and trainer who has fascinated and educated parents and professionals throughout the greater Sacramento area for many years. Ray also provides professional consultation and training for individuals, groups, non-profit organizations and corporate employee development programs everywhere.

Ray is currently working on 5-minute television and radio programs for working families who do not have the time to read a book or book an appointment, but have 5-minutes to sit down and watch an episode of The 5-Minute Family Fix or catch it on the radio during their morning and evening commutes. In addition, Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen will be released as an audiobook on July 1st. Go to Ray’s website to purchase your copy now. Both the paperback and audiobook versions will be available at the Parenting 2.0 Conference.

Ray also writes articles for publication in local, regional and national print as well as online media outlets. Subscribe to Ray’s blog or sign up for his newsletter for a steady (well almost steady) stream of good news about teenagers and great tips for working with them.
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