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Dione Becker

Dione BeckerDione Becker is a lifetime martial artist who is fully committed to positively impacting lives through martial arts. Dione is the co-owner of a thriving martial arts academy in La Jolla, California. Today her academy is dedicated to teaching a highly organized and effective system of self-defense to children and adults, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.  Her academy is Certified by the globally recognized, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy® in Torrence, CA.

The U.S. Government’s website against bullying provides no sound solution for a child who is targeted by a persistent bully, and the string of highly publicized youth suicides is evidence that the schools cannot be entrusted with the a child’s direct safety against bullying.  The classes taught in Dione’s academy to children adhere directly to the 85-year Gracie Family history, where is Gracie’s have successfully bully-proofed tens of thousands of children. The system empowers children with verbal strategies to stand up to bullying behavior with unshakable confidence and provides a series of non-violent self-defense techniques to keep them safe if they are physically attacked.  The Gracie Bullyproof program has been featured on on NBC, CNN, and as an effective counter-measure to bullying. The program is engaging, fun, and will ensure that your son or daughter does not have to go through life being tormented.

Dione is also an eleven-year veteran to volunteering in the community, donating time and free classes to children and adults in fundraisers for hospitals, schools, SurfRider Foundation and a variety of charities.
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Etel Leit

Etel LeitEtel Leit, MS is the founder and owner of SignShine, the largest parenting and signing center for hearing children in Southern California, and the publisher of, an international signing resource for parents and caregivers. Etel is devoted to work with parents, babies, children and professionals, and has 19 years of experience in the field.

Etel’s organization was voted as Best of LA Parents Magazine Summer of 2009. She has published articles in professional newsletters, and on parenting websites including Opposing Views,  and her work has been profiled by several periodicals and online news agencies, including and Etel’s television appearances include features by NBC Brian Williams Evening News, KTLA Morning Show and Fox 11 Morning News.
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Bobbi DePorter

Bobbi DePorterBobbi DePorter has changed the lives of over ten million kids through her SuperCamp and Quantum Learning school programs.

Bobbi broke the mold in the early eighties by creating a learning and life skills academic summer program for youth. Not your traditional camp and far from school, SuperCamp created an innovative category in engaged, joyful, successful learning that helps students relearn how they learn and reshape how they view themselves and live their lives. Now with more than 65,000 graduates and programs in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America, SuperCamp is an established leader in the field of youth development.

The success of SuperCamp led Bobbi to create Quantum Learning school programs for educators and students. Quantum Learning is a transformational solution producing significant positive change in thousands of schools and districts across the nation.

Bobbi is President of Quantum Learning Network (QLN), now in its thirty-first year and is Chairman of the non-profit Learning Forum International (LFI). Author of over a dozen books, she is a leading authority on effective learning and youth development. Bobbi studied with the renowned Bulgarian educator Dr. Georgi Lozanov in the late 1970s and was an early pioneer of accelerated learning in theUnited States.

Currently, Bobbi is spear-heading the Excellence Effect movement based on the 8 Keys of Excellence to change the lives of 50 million children by the year 2015.
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Paul Rosengard

Paul RosengardPaul Rosengard is known internationally for his creative writing and innovative pedagogical methods, which have been proven effective in improving physical activity programs, teacher effectiveness, and student outcomes. To date, he has over 25 publications in professional journals, has authored or co-authored 16 curriculum books for teachers (including the popular SPARK programs), and conducted nearly 400 professional workshops and conference presentations worldwide.

Rosengard has contributed as an intervention director and consultant to many benchmark national studies/projects in the United States including SPARK, TAAG, M-SPAN, Pathways, PEACH, OPprA, OPI, POPI, HELM, Beyond the Borders, and the Nike2GO and Let Me Play campaigns (which he wrote for NIKE). These studies focused in the fields of physical education, after school programs, early childhood, and coordinated school health.

Rosengard was also appointed the first Deputy Director of the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (1996) and was selected as one of 20 Special Advisors to the Governor’s Council in the last Schwarzenegger administration. He has personally written and received awards/projects totaling over $12 million dollars and currently serves on two executive boards, one in Colorado and the other in India. He is currently the Executive Director of the SPARK Programs of San Diego State University and has instructed future teachers at the University of California, at San Diego for 11 years, and Cal State San Marcos for four years.
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Rob Broyles

Rob BroylesRob Broyles lives in North San Diego with his wife of 24 years. Together they have 5 children ranging in ages from 14-22. Rob has worked with families and teens for over 24 years in various capacities including teen, marriage, and family counseling, Young Life area director, troubled teen boarding school program director, pastor, and entrepreneur.  There isn’t too much Rob hasn’t seen in the world of teens and families.

Rob recently started Troubled Teen Rescue, a company dedicated to seeing life and hope restored to embattled families through coaching, teaching, and therapeutic placements for teens in crisis.  Rob loves seeing lives, relationships and families restored as well as equipping parents to lead their families with confidence and peace.

Rob teaches and trains corporately through parenting and conflict resolution seminars.

My life is an open book, and I use my story to speak and challenge us as parents and individuals to lead this generation with passion and purpose.

Rob believes that there is plenty of hope, and no better time than now to seek change and begin to walk in a new direction!
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Roya Kravetz

Roya KravetzRoya Kravetz is a credentialed Life Coach through International Coach Federation (ICF), Global Board Certified Coach (BCC) and Certified Parent Instructor (CPE) through The International Network for Children and Families (INCAF). She specializes in educating and coaching parents of children, teens, and adults whose lives are affected by AD/HD or similar behavioral and/or organizational challenges.

She has combined her professional skills with her broad cultural background to build a highly specialized national and international coaching practice based in Carmel Valley (San Diego), California. She is also an instructor at MiraCosta College Community Services.

Prior to launching her coaching and parent education practice, Roya was the co-founder and director of an AD/HD specialty clinic in Carmel Valley where she also facilitated groups for parents of children and teens who were diagnosed with AD/HD.

Roya is the co-author of 365 ways to succeed with ADHD book which was released in 2011 and 365 +1 ways to succeed with ADHD which will be released in the fall of 2012.
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Mark Romero

Mark RomeroMark Romero, founder and CEO of Mark Romero Music, Inc. is an internationally known sound healer, guitarist and teacher who has assisted thousands of people worldwide in experiencing instantaneous healings and shifts in their perceptions through his transformational music.

More and more people are experiencing greater inner peace, clarity, and focus simply by immersing themselves in his vibrant, rich rhythms that so beautifully sooth the soul and enrich the spirit.

Through his transformational music, Mark assists listeners in dramatically reducing stress, improving physical energy, enhancing mental functions, and eliminating limiting thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions that are holding them back. People from all over the world swear by his music as a tool to help them effectively deal with stress, remain grounded, and experience greater creativity. Information on his critically acclaimed work can be found at
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Diana Sterling

Diana SterlingDiana Sterling, Certified Professional Coach, speaker, author and trainer is a 35-year veteran business owner and innovator. Her life-long commitment to self-employment and to helping others find meaning and success has resulted in the creation of many products, programs and services including The Parent as Coach Approach, Family Coach Training and The Entrepreneurial Women’s Academy. Diana has coached and taught thousands of individuals; business owners, new entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, parents, teens and family groups.

Diana holds a Bachelors Degree in Drama from San Diego State University and is working towards a Masters Degree in Education, majoring in Adult Learning and Development at Portland State University. She has completed a Professional Certificate in Coaching at New Ventures West and holds the distinction of being a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, by Life Design International. Diana is a sought-after radio presenter, public speaker, lecturer, trainer and facilitator in the areas of Small Business Development, Parenting, Life Skills for Teens, and Professional Coaching. She has a wealth of knowledge and communicative skills acquired through her background in coaching, teaching, drama, music and film production.

She is a member of the International Coach Federation and will be presenting her findings on the efficacy of parent coaching using The Parent as Coach Approach at the London International Coaching Conference in October.  You can learn more about Diana and her relentless passion for family, parent and teen coaching at

Diana is her own first client. She is married to Bill Sterling and together have three grown children. By the way – The Parent as Coach Approach…worked.
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Arnie Benn

Arnie BennArnie Benn is a life-long educator, learner and entrepreneur. Formerly a middle school and high school teacher of math, chemistry and music, Arnie is co-founder and CEO of, a virtual online family banking system that teaches kids real-world financial skills, with their own money, under close parental supervision.

Built on the premise that the most effective education is experiential, AllowanceTree is designed to mirror the real world of finance, inculcating healthy saving and spending habits, as well as teaching kids about investing, diversifying, credit, and avoiding debt.

The difficult economic times we are experiencing clearly underscore the need for financial literacy, though schools still do not teach this most essential life-skill. We must ensure that our kids leave home with the knowledge to make wise financial choices and avoid the pitfalls that trap so many into the dreaded debt-cycle. And how better than in a fun, interactive, parent-supervised platform where kids enjoy substantial financial autonomy, and can even grow their allowance!

Arnie grew up in South Africa and moved to California following college. In addition to teaching, he is a writer, composer, has produced Television programming, and has also worked with several successful technology startups in the online digital media space in Los Angeles.
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Sherlyn Pang Luedtke

Sherlyn Pang LuedtkeSherlyn Pang Luedtke, Success Coach and the Founder of Present Parent Training, is a results-oriented, fun-loving businesswoman, and family gal.  Her upcoming book, The Mommy Advantage:  How Having Kids Can Make You Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier, teaches parents how to use personal development techniques to alchemize the challenges of parenthood into joy, ease, fulfillment, and abundance.

Eight years ago, Sherlyn made her devastating yet rewarding leap from full-time career to full-time mom.  When her son was two, her stern parenting paradigm was overturned when she discovered the cost of controlling behavior with coercion.  She now teaches parents to leverage their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical presence to foster deeper relationships with their children and further their own personal growth.  She uses her background in psychology, social ecology, and business to support her clients in fulfilling their dreams with balance.

She is a devoted wife and mother of two, a successful entrepreneur, dynamic parent educator, and insightful coach.
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