P20’s Path to Peace

Replace Occupy with Exemplify and you have the formula for Parenting 2.0 (P20). P20 is a social consciousness movement committed to effecting positive change in every avenue of human interaction by nurturing a more proactive Life Skills educational process. Take any societal ill, (health care, financial collapse, wars) and you can find roots in inferior Life Skills. P20 diverges dramatically from prior parenting paradigms by recognizing every adult’s role in “raising” future generations and advocating third party instruction for Life Skills.

The largest impediment to change is not a lack of qualified educators and resources, it is the cacophony created by everyone marketing their resources independently. For this reason P20 asks change activists and Life Skills Educators around the globe to prioritize linking arms and establishing a more effective means of teaching today’s children skills essential for creating peace within their homes and between their countries. Over 1700 educators from more than 40 countries have gathered in the Parenting 2.0 group on LinkedIn – earning it top ranking of more than 300 parenting groups worldwide. In August of 2012, Parenting 2.0 is holding its first international P20 Talks Conference in San Diego, CA USA.