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  • Personal Care Skills Panel

    Niamh Hannan, Diana Dentinger, Ilene Dillon, Babajide Bayo-Yusef, Sreela Banerjee, Luison Lassala

    Personal Care forms the foundation from which other Life Skills develop.  Tragically, it frequently ranks last on lists of priorities in modern societies. Personal Care Thought Leaders inspire the reframe by being the first panel to present at P20 Talks 2014.

  • Organizational Skills Panel

    Rosalind Cutler, Niki Williams, Edwina Neely, Marlaine Cover, Joanna Fortune

    Organizational skills are core to the optimal functioning of every individual. Unfortunately, the educational process is most frequently defined by dictates and punishments. Organizational Thought Leaders facilitate a paradigm shift by providing new perspectives and methodologies for proactive education.

  • Respect for Self and Others Skills Panel

    Annie Chisambo, Amelia Lambert, Blanca Vergara, Irene J. Murray, Elizabeth Douet

    With the world ever more intimately woven, problems in one geographical region immediately impact also others. Respect for Self and Others Thought Leaders expand existing expectations to create a brighter, more prosperous and amicable future for all persons.

  • Communication Skills Panel

    Elly Taylor, Diane Speier, Vivien Sabel, Jane Evans, Karen Shaw, Alan Wilson

    It is widely estimated that over ninety percent of human communication is non-verbal. The spoken word, however, dominates focus in daily conversations and media headlines. Crisis management guides education and further impairs popular dialogue by flooding it with medical terminology. Communication Thought Leaders provide a much warranted redirect and reconnect.

  • Social Skills Panel

    Bill Neely, Naomi Richards, Deborah McNelis, Vaughn Lauer, Reeta Passi

    Efforts to superimpose homogeneity upon the diversity of humanity are at the root of most human suffering. Social Skills Thought Leaders emphasize why embracing education that respects innate intelligence and integrates differences is one of the most important Life Skills human beings can collectively commit to refining in the Twenty-First Century.

  • Maximizing Modern Media

    Knowledge is like food,  it doesn’t do any good unless it reaches people in need. The second day of P20 Talks 2014 provides professional coaching for more effectively connecting Life Skills Educators with the publics they serve. Sessions include: Mass Media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Coaching Clubs.


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