P20 Talks

P20 Talks is the world’s only professional conference for Life Skills Educators. Hosted by the international consciousness movement Parenting 2.0, and committed to nurturing a more dynamic Life Skills educational process for all persons, P20 Talks alternates a combined international conference on varying continents in even years with regional advocacy in odd years. Our next international conference, P20 Talks 2018, will be in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia October 26th-28th, 2018.


P20 Talks 2012

In 2012, Parenting 2.0 members made history by gathering professionals across multiple disciplines and continents in San Diego, California USA for the world’s first international conference for Life Skills educators. As a bow to TED Talks, they titled the conference P20 Talks.

Highlights of P20 Talks 2012 included the unveiling of plans for Parenting 2.0’s community service organization, The Global Presence, and honoring of Bobbi DePorter’s life work in the Life Skills arena with the 2012 Global Presence Humanitarian Award.

P20 Talks 2013

For P20 Talks 2013, Global Presence Ambassadors hosted regional gatherings around the globe to strengthen collaborations among Life Skills professionals. Parenting 2.0 also recognized Room to Read, and Founder John Wood, for magnanimous contributions in the Life Skills arena with the 2013 Global Presence Humanitarian Award at the Joan Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice in San Diego, California USA.

P20 Talks 2014

Parenting 2.0’s second international conference, P20 Talks 2014, was held at the Castleknock Hotel and Country Club in Dublin, Ireland September 14th – 16th. Against Malaria Foundation Founder Rob Mather was recognized with The Global Presence 2014 Humanitarian Award.

P20 Talks 2015 

For P20 Talks 2015, Global Presence Ambassadors hosted Leadership Forums in cities around the globe and recognized FranklinCovey for pioneering contributions in the time management/ productivity arena with The 2015 Global Presence Humanitarian Award (Salt Lake City, Utah USA September).

P20 Talks 2016

Parenting 2.0’s third international conference, on as many continents, was held at the Kenilworth Beach Resort in Goa, India October 7th-9th, 2016. Chetna Gala Sinha, Founder of the Mann Deshi Foundation, was recognized for her magnanimous contributions in the financial arena with the 2016 Global Presence Humanitarian Award. Presentations can be viewed on our P20 Talks Channel on YouTube and photos enjoyed in our Global Presence Group on Facebook.

P20 Talks 2017

For P20 Talks 2017, Global Presence Ambassadors hosted “What New Can We Do” regional gatherings on multiple continents and branched into participation in Film Festivals via collaboration with SIFFCY.org in Delhi.  Stephen Ritz was honored for his magnanimous contributions in the Environmental Literacy arena with the 2017 Global Presence Humanitarian Award. 

P20 Talks 2018 

Parenting 2.0’s fourth international conference, P20 Talks 2018 was held at the Adina Hotel in Darling Harbor, October 26th-28th in Sydney, Australia. Dianne Todaro Wells was recognized for her magnanimous contributions in the arena of sexual literacy with our 2018 Global Presence Humanitarian Award. 

P20 Talks 2019

P20 Talks regional activities included retitling of our annual advocacy day from Thrive Thursday to Global Life Skills Day, our first Live Streaming event on Facebook featuring interviews with multiple Life Skills Educators, a third year repeat panel presentation / workshop on the topic of Emotional Literacy at India’s largest children’s international film festival, SIFFCY 2019, and the creation of a three minute video, The Classroom describing the mission of Parenting 2.0. We also recognized Scarlett Lewis for her magnanimous contributions in the Emotional Literacy Arena with our 2019 Global Presence Humanitarian Award

P20 Talks 2020

Parenting 2.0’s fifth international conference on a fifth continent, P20 Talks 2020, will held at the historic Pestana Convento Carmo Hotel in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil October 23-25th. Please contact us via our contact page if you are a Life Skills professional interested in joining our line up of presenters.