P20 Talks 2015

FranklinCovey Executives Treion Mueller (Director Digital Learning), Bob Whitman (CEO), and Sean Covey (Executive VP) receive the 2015 Global Presence Humanitarian Award on behalf of FranklinCovey.

P20 Talks, the world’s only professional conference for Life Skills Educators, alternates a combined professional conference for Life Skills Educators in even years with regional advocacy in odd years.

For P20 Talks 2015, Ambassadors for Parenting 2.0’s non profit, The Global Presence, organized Leadership Forums in cities around the globe. The goals of the Forums reflected those of the Global Presence.

  1. Illuminating the critical role of Life Skills in human beings and the communities they construct thriving.
  2. Unifying Life Skills Educators.
  3. Promoting a more proactive and dynamic Life Skills educational process for all persons.

The highlight of every P20 Talks is the recognition of an individual or organization that has contributed magnanimously in the Life Skills arena with The Global Presence Humanitarian Award. FranklinCovey was selected as the 2015 Global Presence Humanitarian Award recipient for their pioneering contributions in the arena of time management/ productivity.

Shammah Buwanhot, Jos (Nigeria), Dr. Rosina McAlpine, Sydney (Australia), Luison Lassala, Dublin (Ireland), Reeta Passi Delhi, (India) and Neville Billimoria, San Diego (USA) pictured left to right below represent Ambassadors on five continents that hosted Leadership Forums in their respective cities. FiveAmbassadors

Please utilize our contact page to inquire about a Leadership Forum in your community.