P20 Thrive Thursday

For Immediate Release


P20 Back Pack Free FridayWHO? Children, families, schools and communities around the planet.
WHAT? Shine a bright light on Life Skills 
WHEN? First Thursday in October
WHERE? Everywhere!
WHY? To illuminate the importance of the mandatory curriculum  – personal care, interpersonal communication, safety, resource management / finance – for individuals and the communities they form thriving!

  1. Parents /Community leaders: Plan Thrive Thursday events for your schools/ community groups. Declare your city a Global Presence Community.
  2. Teachers/PTA’s: Reserve Thrive Thursday on your school calendar. Be creative! Include Life Skills related topics in your academic curriculum.
  3. Businesses: Sponsor a local Thrive Thursday event.  If your business is focused on Life Skills (Fitness, diet, finance, safety, communication etc.) this IS your chance to shine!
  4. Everyone:  Like our Thrive Thursday Page  on Facebook. Share details of your activities in our Thrive Thursday Group. Remember to obtain signed photo releases for pictures and videos before sharing!!!

Ideas for Celebration:

  1. Share the concept of the Life Skills Report Card .
  2. Research and share articles related to the effects of fatigue, dehydration, lack of exercise and poor nutrition on health and academic performance.
  3. Host a community forum, resource fair, or film festival to inspire discussion about Life Skills and facilitate access to critical resources #P20ThriveThursday.

Sponsored by The Global Presence, a humanitarian service organization (registered in the US as a 501c3) and Parenting 2.0 (P20). P20 is LinkedIn’s top ranked parenting group unifying more than 5500 Life Skills Educators in over eighty countries.