The Life Skills Report Card

Parenting 2.0 defines Life Skills as “skills every human being learns.” The irony of our times is that our most critical skills  – those used every day of our lives throughout the entirety of our lives – often suffer the most impoverished educational process. Role modeling.

The Life Skills Report Card supports a paradigm shift by equipping all persons with a quantitative tool for assessing current Life Skill competencies and tracking progress towards desired goals.

Just as academic report cards vary between cultures and age groups, so too will Life Skills Report Cards.  We share an example here and invite you to personalize.  We welcome also translations!

Click here for the Electronic Assessment Please note, we do not retain any data from your responses. Those are visible only to you.

Or download printed versions below.

Available in English and Spanish, more coming soon!

Life Skills Report Card – English

Life Skills Report Card – Spanish