About Parenting 2.0

Founder “Mama Marlaine” describes Parenting 2.0’s origin and mission at P20 Talks 2012, San Diego, California.

Who is Parenting 2.0?

Parenting 2.0 is an international consciousness movement that advocates dynamic education for Life Skills used daily. Parenting 2.0 also recognizes every adult as part of the parental generation.

What are Life Skills?

Parenting 2.0 defines Life Skills as “Skills every human being learns in some measure.”

P20 Talks

In 2012, Parenting 2.0 began hosting the world’s only professional conferences for Life Skills Educators – P20 Talks.  The current format alternates international conferences in even years with regional events in odd years. P20 Talks 2012 was held in San Diego, California, P20 Talks 2014 in Dublin, Ireland and P20 Talks 2016 in Goa, India. 

P20 Talks spreads the mission of Parenting 2.0 by

  1. Recognizing every adult as “raising humanity.”
  2. Illuminating Life Skills as distinct, critical skills central to individuals and the societies they create thriving.
  3. Strengthening collaboration among Life Skills educators and easing access to critical information and resources.

 The Global Presence

Parenting 2.0’s community service arm is called The Global Presence. Recognized in the US as a charitable, 501(c)3 educational organization, the anchoring event for Global Presence advocacy is Global Life Skills Day, held annually the first Thursday in October.

The Global Presence also recognizes the work of Life Skills pioneers in cities around the world with the honorary designation of Ambassador and bestows an annual Global Presence Humanitarian Award upon individuals / organizations that have made magnanimous contributions in the Life Skills arena.