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Skills every human being learns

What skills do you use daily? Personal Care? Communication and social skills?  Financial and environmental literacy? 

Life Skills are human beings' Mandatory Curriculum, learned in some measure by all persons and central to thriving. For this reason, Parenting 2.0 champions emancipating Life Skills education from the limitations of the Parenting 1.0 umbrella and providing proactive by qualified professionals at every age. 

If you are a Life Skills educator, please connect with us via our contact page. New to the discussion? The Life Skills Report Card is a great place to begin. Enjoy our quick online assessment or download the PDF version and personalise.

Thank you for Being the Change the World Awaits!

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P20 Talks 2017 Global Presence 
Humanitarian Award

Stephen Ritz

Each year, Parenting 2.0 recognises an individual and/or organisation that has nurtured Life Skills development in a magnanimous manner with The Global Presence Humanitarian Award. Pictured left is our 2017 recipient Stephen Ritz,  author of Power of A Plant and Founder of the Green Bronx Machine, selected for his contributions in the arena of Environmental Literacy.  His adorable green bow tie attired Bronx class assisted in the presentation. https://greenbronxmachine.org/  

Meet Our Global Presence Ambassadors

“Global Presence Ambassador” is an honorary designation awarded passionate Life Skills pioneers around the world. Ambassadors come from a broad array of backgrounds and professions, reflecting the diversity of Life Skills employed in the twenty-first century and a glimpse of future vibrancy.

Emancipate Life Skills  

Not so very long ago, a small group of people decided that children need not be limited to parental competencies and resources in academics - and championed compulsory academic education for ALL children. As that dream unfolds around the world, the time has come to equally emancipate Life Skills. Join us in supporting dynamic education by third party professionals for Life Skills used daily.